Regardless of the level of income of the couple, any divorce can be a complicated, tumultuous process. Ending a marriage and dividing a household in two is a life-changing experience for anyone, but when it comes to settling a complex, high-asset divorce it can get really complicated.

After all of the couple’s assets have been inventoried and investigated to make sure that the list is complete, then comes the arduous task of valuing the assets so that they can be divided fairly and equitably. Rather than splitting everything down the middle as they do in community property states, Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, so the court endeavors to split the estate fairly even if that does not amount to a 50/50 split.

In complex property division cases, both sides will have hired specialists who handle business valuations, commercial real estate appraisers, business appraisers, financial advisors and forensic accountants to make sense of it all and develop a strategy for equitable distribution of the assets.

The couple may own more than one business together, they could hold property in more than one state – in more than one country for that matter. Then there are investment accounts, executive compensation packages, art, jewelry and antiques as well.

If there are young children involved, then one party might have strong feelings about keeping the family home so that the children can grow up there. The additional homes, and vacation homes depending on whether they are all marital property or separate property will also need to be considered in the process.

There could be a challenge to an existing prenuptial agreement, whether or not there will be alimony that must be sorted out, and to top it off, the couple is in a heated battle about who will get custody of Cocoa, the prize-winning Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Negotiating a complex settlement requires skill and experience on the part of your divorce attorney. You want to feel confident that your lawyer is fighting aggressively on your behalf to achieve a fair settlement for you. Often in these cases it is impossible for both parties to come to an agreement, and it becomes necessary to go to court.

Throughout this entire high-stakes process it is vital that you have a trustworthy and effective divorce attorney who is working diligently on your behalf. If you are planning to get divorced and you have a significant marital estate to consider, schedule an in-person or video consultation with a skilled divorce attorney at Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC. We have experience with complex divorce cases and we will take good care of you.