Complex Asset and Property Division

Managing large marital estates and property valuation issues

Even when dealing with fairly small marital estates, property division is often the most complex issue that arises during divorce. When there are complicating factors, such as a family business or a large marital estate, the matter can become increasingly unclear. Even parties who honestly want to work together to reach a resolution need the help of experienced lawyers to fully understand their rights. Parties not able to work together can expect a complex and lengthy course of litigation. With 50+ years of combined legal experience behind us, the attorneys at Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC have litigated complex asset and property division cases throughout Tennessee. We understand the issues and have access to a network of respected financial and economic professionals in the Nashville area that can assist us in putting forth strong cases for our clients as well as reasonable expectations

Frequent complexities in asset division

There is no strict formula for the division of marital assets in Tennessee, so every case is potentially complex. However, there are several scenarios that can make these cases even more challenging:

  • Large marital estates — Accounting for and distributing a large marital estate can be more complex simply because there are more and varied assets to manage. Additionally, large estates are more likely to contain investment holdings and other assets that can sometimes be difficult to valuate.
  • Large personal estates — While personal assets not part of the marital estate are probably not subject to equitable division themselves, they can have an effect on how marital property is equitably divided. Determining the extent of a spouse’s personal estate and what among those personal assets may have become marital over the course of the union can require a serious amount of investigation and legal analysis.
  • Family businesses — Division of business assets is often a major point of contention during divorce. First, it can be difficult to assign a value to a small business. Second, because a functioning business is usually worth more than the sum of its parts, simply dividing business assets can be financially disadvantageous to both parties. Our attorneys understand the various issues this scenario can raise and are very experienced in negotiating and litigating resolutions in this area.

Call an attorney with experience in complex asset division issues

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