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Every divorce is unique. The process and the length of time required can vary greatly depending on how long the parties were married, if they had children and how much property they accumulated during the marriage. After practicing family law for decades, our divorce attorneys at Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC have seen firsthand how difficult divorce can be. We have experience confronting just about every issue divorce can raise and have helped clients resolve cases involving complex property division issues and fierce child custody disputes in the Nashville area and throughout Middle Tennessee.

Our divorce practice

A divorce raises numerous legal issues, each of which must be resolved before you can continue with your life. Our Nashville divorce attorneys have substantial experience litigating each of these issues and have had major success achieving favorable results for our clients in both the courtroom and at the mediation table:

  • Grounds for divorce —Establishing that grounds for divorce exist is the first hurdle in any divorce proceeding, and it can be contentious when one party does not want to be divorced.
  • Child custody — Our attorneys have helped divorcing parents throughout the Nashville and surrounding area to negotiate parenting plans and child custody agreements during the divorce process. We have also fought in court for parents when they cannot agree on what is in the best interest of their children.
  • Support — Having the resources you need to support yourself and your children during and after a divorce is a major concern for most people going through the process. We have a strong understanding of the types of support available, including child support and alimony, and we have helped both obligors and obligees get fair results in support proceedings.
  • Asset division — Even in cases with relatively small and straightforward marital estates, asset division is the most complex aspect of many divorces. When a large amount of property or a business interest is involved, the complexity increases. Our Nashville divorce attorneys understand the practical issues at play when dividing marital property and have successfully litigated or otherwise resolved numerous complex asset division cases in Tennessee family courts.

In addition to our divorce litigation practice, we use our firsthand knowledge of how divorce plays out to draft clear, complete and workable pre- and postnuptial agreements for couples who want to avoid the strain of a heavily litigated divorce.

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Our divorce attorneys at Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC are, first and foremost, problem solvers, and we want to be there for people in Nashville during what is often the most challenging time of their lives. On Woodland Street in historic Edgefield, our Nashville office is within sight of the courthouse and offers free parking. Call us today at 615-391-4200 or contact us online to schedule an in-person or video consultation with an experienced attorney. Our practice covers most of Middle Tennessee but is concentrated in Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, and Dickson.