A Nashville Attorney Can Help You Reach a Parenting Plan

We help parents understand the issues they need to address

Parenting is a challenge, regardless of the circumstances. Sharing custody after a separation or divorce adds a completely new dimension to it. Even when parents in Nashville are still able to work together, they face the challenge of memorializing all their parenting decisions and choices into a comprehensive parenting plan. However, parents with the best of intentions may simply not know what needs to be included in these important documents. Others may allow themselves to be bullied by an overbearing spouse without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Whatever the case may be, we at Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC can help you and your former spouse come to a comprehensive arrangement that expedites the custody process and avoids future problems.

What must a parenting plan contain?

Custody of a child is not a slapdash arrangement. It is a clearly orchestrated allocation of parental rights between two parents. When parents take the initiative to settle these issues themselves, they do so through a permanent parenting plan. To be effective, these plans must establish the rights and duties of each parent and agreed-upon procedures for special situations:

  • Day-to-Day Residential Schedule
  • Holidays, birthdays, Summer and special occasions
  • Allocation of support and maintenance
  • Time and place of custody exchange
  • Procedures for minor deviations
  • Methods for making child-rearing decisions
  • Methods for resolving disputes
  • Parental bill of rights

Why is a parenting plan important?

The permanent parenting plan is your opportunity as a parent to make these important decisions, rather than having a judge do it for you. Parents who can construct a thorough parenting plan and obtain court approval of it can significantly simplify the child custody process and avoid mediation and litigation.

Once adopted by the court, parenting plans have the force of law and are enforceable by contempt. They also can be somewhat difficult to change so it is important to take the time to get it right and to anticipate and plan for issues that may arise in the future. At Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC we know from firsthand experience the kinds of issues parents need to anticipate. We can help you understand what your parenting plan needs in order to be acceptable to the court and workable for you.

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