Stella Miller, Customer Service Representative

Allow us to introduce Stella Miller.  Stella is a five-year old Labradoodle with a spunky streak and a career in our law office as our Customer Service Representative.  Stella comes to the office every day.  A girl has to make a living! And, since Divorce and Family Law is our sole area of practice, you can imagine the customer service that is needed by our clients. Stella is always happy to oblige. She has soothed clients and has even sat in on meetings with them! She has become such an integral part of our team that many clients ask for some “Stella love” when they walk in the door.  She makes our whole work day a happier experience just by being there.

Most of our office neighbors have seen Karla Miller or her husband, Personal Injury lawyer Phillip Miller, walking Stella in or around East Park.  They usually comment on her bow that is placed in the middle of her “forehead.”  She never goes anywhere in public without her bow.  She has around 30 bows to choose from at any given time, and Phillip has a particular knack for picking out just the right one for the day.

If you aren’t familiar with Labradoodles, just know that they have Poodle smarts and a Labrador disposition… and, they don’t shed!  Stella is also a great travel companion.  She can ride for hours and hours in the back seat without whining or barking and with very few potty breaks. She’s all about getting to the destination in a timely fashion.  Her favorite travel destinations thus far are New Orleans and Panama City Beach.  She likes to stroll up and down the median on Esplanade in New Orleans.  Lots of good smells there! She loves hanging out on the beach at PCB and likes to hang with other doggies at the dog beach at Pier Park. She even has her very own monogramed beach towel!

Oh, and Stella has a boyfriend: Miles Davis, a super-handsome Tibetan Terrier.  Stella is a little “star-struck” because Miles is famous.  He was selected as the Nashville Paw Magazine’s Cover Dog in 2016!  She particularly likes him because he doesn’t seem to mind that she is taller than he is.  He is very dashing and Stella is smitten!