Congratulations, Karla, on Being Selected of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel!We are very proud to announce that our own Karla Miller has just been named to the National Association of Distinguished Counsel for the second year in a row! Selection for this group is a real honor, as they accept less than 1% of all attorneys throughout the country for membership.

What is the National Association of Distinguished Counsel?

The NADC “is an organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence. The mission of the NADC is to objectively recognize the attorneys who elevate the standards of the Bar and provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate.”

The groups lists its members on its website, which allows people in need of legal counsel to seek out the “Nation’s Top Attorneys” more easily. Unlike other legal directories, the NADC only lists lawyers who have fulfilled their requirements for candidacy, so you will never find a non-member on the site.

Nomination and selection process

In order to be selected, you must undergo a demanding vetting process. Candidates can be nominated by the NADC’s own in-house team, or by NADC members, the attorney’s peers or by former/current clients. Once nominated, the candidate is vetted by an in-house team of researchers who review the attorney’s:

  • Online and public reputation
  • Years in practice
  • Education and training
  • Trial experience
  • Verdicts, settlements and outcomes
  • Endorsements from peers and clients
  • Professional awards
  • Professional memberships
  • Leadership in legal organizations
  • Community involvement
  • Disciplinary status

If a candidate passes muster, his or her profile is then sent to a team of attorneys for review. Each member of this panel has been the recipient of awards, honors and accolades. Candidate who are considered “truly elite” but his panel will face a final vetting by a judicial review board before final selection.

As you can see, the NADC takes this process very seriously – and so do we. This may be one award among many for Karla, but it truly represents the dedication she has to the practice of law, and the lengths to which she will go on behalf of her clients in Nashville and around Middle Tennessee.

Congratulations, Karla, on your selection! You earned it!