Do I Really Need a Divorce Lawyer?You may have seen or heard advertisements for a Do-It-Yourself divorce: some kit you can buy with all the right paperwork at the local office supply store, or a firm that will process the paperwork for you for one flat fee. If you are financially insecure, or simply want to “get it over with,” you may be tempted to forgo hiring a lawyer and going the DIY route.

That is a mistake.

When your life has been entwined with another person’s – especially for any considerable amount of time – you will almost certainly face challenges that cannot be adequately addressed in a home kit, or without the benefit of legal guidance. Handling your own divorce means taking the risk that you will not secure the best possible outcome for yourself and your future, and facing additional court appearances if you or your spouse wish to modify the decree.

Top 5 reasons to hire a divorce attorney

  1. We are the authorities in matrimonial law. We know every law on the books, every relevant case, and every form you need to fill out. We have years of practical, professional experience in mediation, negotiation, and litigation. Representing yourself in court means being held to the same standards as any other divorce attorney, regardless of your lack of experience. It is best to let the professionals handle it.
  2. We have access to resources you may not. Divorce is more than simply not being married. You are going to need advice regarding your finances, your retirement accounts, and your taxes. You may have additional concerns regarding ongoing medical treatments, or wish to speak with a therapist. We work with experts in their respective fields every day, and can help you access resources that will help protect you and your family.
  3. We know what a proper Parenting Plan should be. Some couples can work out their plans for custody by themselves, but many times, this is a contentious part of the divorce. We can assist you in creating your Parenting Plan by offering creative, customized solutions that protect your children and your right to parenting time with them.
  4. We can remain objective. Our goal is reaching the best possible outcome for you. It is hard to do what is best when your heart is breaking, or when you are incredibly angry or depressed. What seems like a good idea now might actually be a very bad idea later. We can look at your overall needs and suggest a path forward that protects you.
  5. We can ensure the documentation is correct. A mistake on your divorce paperwork could delay the divorce, or leave you with more than you bargained for in terms of debts. Not only can we handle the documentation, but we can ensure it gets where it needs to go, that it is processed correctly and in a timely fashion, and that there are no hidden surprises for you later.

We know that even the idea of getting divorced can be overwhelming for some people, and that the process of choosing an attorney can be stressful. However, we guarantee that working with an experienced Nashville divorce lawyer is the best way to ensure that your divorce moves as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Our attorneys are able to anticipate problems before they arise, and offer honest counsel that is empathetic to your story, while focused on your goals.

At Miller Upshaw Family Law, PLLC, we help alleviate the burdens of divorce, and offer you a clear path forward. If you are thinking about a divorce, or have realized that you cannot do this alone, let us help. To reserve an in-person or video consultation at our Nashville office, please call 615-391-4200 or contact us online.